Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Amazing Insider Story of Human Trafficking BY TPLF.

TPLF officials are have been engaged in human trafficking hitherto unprecedented in the history of their Corruption.
This how it works:
1.Hired agents of TPLF officials work with TPLF Government Ministry offices to obtain official letters of invitation for people to fake conferences in Europe mainly Germany, France, Italy and other member countries of the European Union. The people pay anywhere between 150,000 to 200, 000 ETB (USD $8000-10000). Hotel reservations are made in the said countries of non-existent conferences and the TPLF agents escort the people who then have to find their way and settle in their country of preference often crossing boundaries in risky transportation hiding in trucks and trains.

2.People are deliberately recruited as cheerleaders for Ethiopian Athletic and other sports events overseas in exchange for a large sum of money paid to TPLF agents. Once in the country of the said sports event, the people find their way and no one can trace who went where and no news is made out of the disappearance of these people.

3.TPLF agents closely work with different Foreign Embassy staff or TPLF members are already employees of the embassy. A large sum of money is paid in bribes to senior embassy officials in exchange for exit visas to their respective countries.

4. Many Tigreans are re-branded as Eritreans and given fake Eritrean ID cards, fake Eritrean passports and TPLF facilitates refugee/asylum status for these Tigreans. Many end up in Western countries.

5. Many TPLF agents and Woyane supporters are human trafficking entrepreneurs with 'legitmate' offices which facilitate the enslavement and servitude of many poor young Ethiopian women mainly in Arab countries all in the name of providing employment. Many have suffered physical abuse and psychological trauma in these Arab countries. TPLF agents profit both from the poor tenants and the rich Arab landlords.
This is in addition to the thousands of fake marriages with diversity visa lottery winners in order to flee the hostile living conditions perpetuated by TPLF corrupt government. Those who do not have the resources to utilize illegal TPLF human trafficking schemes look for cheaper ways to flee the country. Many perish in the Indian Ocean or the Red Sea in overloaded capsizing boats trying to make it to middle eastern countries.

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