Saturday, December 20, 2014


The regime in power in Addis Abeba has become adept at using its controlled courts to deny due process to all illegally detained political prisoners. Its favorite ploy is to give extended time  to the police to present their cases and thus a prisoner can pass months without his case being heard properly. It broad sweep anti terror law makes any dissent criminal and terrorist and gives the police and the courts to detain anyone for months without any due process. The recent examples are the nine bloggers and journalists and Andargatchw Tsige the secretary of the Ginbot 7 movement who was months ago practically kidnapped at Sana'a airport and handed over to the Addis Abeba regime that has yet to charge and try him in court. 

Detention in Ethiopia now means automatic torture ranging from the psychological to the physical. A political prisoners can be held in solitary confinement in known or ghost prisons, tortured and denied due process for months. A political prisoner can also be sent to labor camps (Zwai,Dedesa, Bir Sheleko, etc) for years of imprisonment without ever seeing a court. Leaders and members of the opposition Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party were disappeared for years and now a dissident of the ruling party (TPLF) has exposed that they have been summarily executed in the nineties while others still remain unaccounted for. Their plight was ignored by local self declared right groups and by the likes of Amnesty International. The human rights violations of the regime in power are glossed over or ignored by its donors due to its political servility to their diktat.

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