Saturday, July 11, 2015

On the Way to fall ( By Biniam Gizaw)

On the Way to fall

How many things this election reminds us? During the former government, mothers were suffering because their sons were taken to the war by force. The time was horrible to all mothers; consequently, they wished they wouldn’t have given birth to their sons. Some prayed to God not to have another son. Not only the EPRDF election but also the killing of youths in the street reminds us Colonel Mengistu’s regime. Youths who are thirst for peace and equality are killed in the street by the EPRDF’s faithful armed forces.

Ethiopians had been knowing by having a long time history of living with tolerance, respect and equality between different religions, ethnicity and language. However, today this history becomes another history, EPRDF, which is a party dominated by one ethnicity, Woyane, wants to make our country like Hutu and Tutsi. Woyane, has never believe in being Ethiopian. It doesn’t want to see love, unity and tolerance between us. It celebrates anti-Ethiopianism. Therefore, knowing what Woyane is doing in our country, we need to fight and work hard to ensure unity, love and tolerance among our people.

My people don’t listen to Woyane who insult you by saying that there is democracy is it is on power. Where is this democracy, since there is no at least one opposition party? If you elect opposition party, they abuse you, they don’t treat you like human. Where is this democracy? It wants to reign this country alone. EPRDF is totally dictator. It doesn’t want to see anyone who compute for power.

We believe the time is not far for the fall of EPRDF. Even if the people look silent, one day the oppressed emotion blow up and destroy EPRDF from its power like in Egypt, Tunis and other Arab countries. Its leaders will be killed in the street like a dog. It will be there fate died like Mohammed Gadafi.

Victory for Ethiopian People!!!   

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