Wednesday, March 9, 2016


As we observe March 8.the International Day of Women, we regret to note that the plight of women in Ethiopia has worsened and not improved. The rights of women and young girls are so much violated as to shock citizens and others alike. Selling of female children unto illegal adoption, trafficking of young women unto modern slavery (especially to the Middle East), early marriages, prostitution of underage females, you name and it is all there in Ethiopia with top government officials implicated in the child sex market. During the ongoing mass protest against the repressive regime more than 300 people have been killed of whom dozens are women and children.
March 8.The international day of women. Little has changed for women in Ethiopia. Marginalized and denied their rights over their lives or bodies, women continue to be second class citizens with little or rights of significance. The demagogic regime gives lip service to the rights of women without actually making any change in their deplorable condition, trafficking of women into the sex trade and modern slavery has intensified and increased. Female genital mutilation is not history. Women do not get equal pay with men for equal work. They are discriminated against in education, health, work opportunities, an all fields. Thousands of young women have been forced to feel and seek asylum and possible death in the process. Far too many young women have been raped or killed in neighboring countries from Sudan to Kenya, from Libya to Yemen and the Middle East. The regime in Addis is male dominated, chauvinist to the core, misogynist, through and through, totalitarian, trafficker and selling young women and children. March 8 in Ethiopia is a day of sadness, a remembrance of grief and suffering. The day of relief and liberation is yet to come.
The EPRP has from the outset, since 1974, struggled for the right of women and paid immense sacrifice in the process. Even now, one of its basic program points and content of struggle is the demand for the democratic and human rights of millions of women.
The struggle continues !!

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