Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The 25 years of absolute dictatorship (Biniam Mulugeta from Norway.)

The Tigray people liberation front [ TPLF ] ruled the country with absolute dictatorship and its administrative system is ethnic based federalism. TPLF rule the country with lies and fabricated stories for the last 25 years. This minority group control the country's mass media fully and spread lies through radio, newspaper and television. Human rights violation, harassment and media jamming are common in Ethiopia today. The international community is aware of the human right violation in different part of Ethiopa by the brutal and bully regime TPLF.  Free press or mass media can act like a bridge connecting the people with the government. It helps both the people and the government exchanging suggestions and comments from the people to the government and from the government to the people as well. The benefit of these free medias are uncountable for the development of the country. But to the opposite the TPLF regime eradicated all the free press that criticized the regime by means of imprisonment and torture. Today all these free presses are live in exile.
Due to the lack of free press in Ethiopia, people have no access to information about what is happening in their country. All medias in the country that the regime called them free medias are not free  they are the mouth of the regime. All the journalists in the country that have tried to work properly threatened and lebeled as terrorists. It is the government's duty to play a great roll for the development of the country's press and media. The development of the country's media lead the country to modern working system, openess and acountability.  If we try to see the TPLF's useless constitution, it gives right to the citizen to express their opinion freely but at the same time this minority group never allowed the people to use their rights in practice.
This minority group steal, kill and oppresses, at the same time they close and suspend all the newspaper, magazine and block the wab pages which tries to reveal their crime to the people and international community.  In one developed country there is at least one qualified media that serves the people.
The people of Ethiopia know that they have a right to information about what is going on in the country and it is the government's duty to implement this. But unfortunatly the regime forced the people to live in out dateted and backward system. As a result of the lack of information today the people live in darkness, ignorance and fear. One of the methods that TPLF used to block freedom of expression is by decreeing new laws and prohibit the right to express or speak and throw to jail those who violate the law. The other method is that the regime spends millions of dollars for hijacking and hacking web pages that reveal their crime, corruption and racism. They also spend unpresented amount of money to hire writers who can spread lies and propaganda. There is nothing this minority group will not do in order to prolong their power. This minority group uses facebook for their evil work. They hire people who can provide more than one  accout on facebook and spread hatred amongs of different ethnic groups. This minority group is very busy dividing the people of Ethiopa with ethnic, langauge and fabricated stories. The regime used many different people in different social medias and spread propaganda that supports this ruthless minority group. These unidentified people divert conversation topics, humiliate and degrade the dignity of the opposition members, spreading baseless information about the opposition members and soiling their name with fabricated stories is the main work of the current oppressive minority group. All these things come from the deep rooted fear of the current minority group who call himself a government. Due to all this reason the regime forced to spend billions of dollars to extend their power and the expenses covered by the  poor people of Ethiopia. The government had to supply food, medicine, clothes and shelter for more than 20 millions of people who are affected by famine  but rather than doing this, the regime hired infidel riots that can destabilise and destroy the country once and for all. This is their hiden agenda that they will not sleep until they see their dream come true. This minority group uses the country's income for jamming different political parties web page, magazines, blogs, media and break down internet address like facebook and twitter. They spend millions of dollars for high technology that enables them to break down the opposition parties secret information and they use it  as an evidence when they accuse the opposition party members to the high court. Not only this but they add information in to the opposition parties web page and e-mail address also hoping that these parties lose credibility. During high court process TPLF used a number of fabricated informations and stories that are far from the truth made the fate of many highly educated citizens unknown. Others who are afraid of this ruthless minoty group persicuted to abroad looking for peace but many of them end up in desert and mediterranean sea. As a result of this the life of many Ethiopians who live abroad today live in anxiety, shame and deep fear. This shows that Ethiopia has no responsible government that stands for the right and dignity of its people. The identity of this minority group is to block all parties by all means that create problems to thier oppressive leadership. They release prisoners that have nothing to do with politics whenever they think it is important for the benefit of thier cheap political advantages from the international community. There is no one who are not blocked. Everyone who is obstacle for this minority group will be stoped, killed og throw in to prison for lifetime. There are a few educated citizens who are immoral and stands by this ruthless minority group. These citizens are trying to maintain this rootless government stand with its feet again but at the end of the day there is no doubt that they will remain empty hand.
Ethiopia will not be destroyed by those ethnic apartheid leaders and their supporters who are working day and night promoting ethnic hatred, inciting ethnic cleansing and their hidden agenda to disintegrate of Ethiopia but by those majority of Ethiopians from every ethnic and religious groups who are watching the TPLF/EPRDF destroying our society without doing anything.
The countless crisis in Ethiopia must be solved by the true Ethiopian people and the beginning of that solution is for Ethiopians to see what they have in common rather than how they differ that means seeing the humanity of others not their distinctions.
Divisions usually start following some negative actions or worse; when evil acts are committed against others. To resolve these deeply held offenses, at some point we must talk each other not about each other and admit it to ourselves and others our own part so we can reconcile and move forward.
May God awakened and raise the consciousness of Ethiopians who are sleeping through a just revolution to defend human rights, freedom, justice, equality and prosperity for all. TPLF/EPRDF is a collection of a few mafia group who never represents the whole tigrian people.  This minority mafia group who lead the country for 25 years will surely overthrow in the hands of a corporate true Ethiopian people.

Long live for Ethiopia!!!

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